Check In



Cancellation and Early Checkout Policy

  • Should your plans change, be sure to call within the following guidelines. A cancellation charge of one day or 50% of the total reservation whichever is greater will be taken at time of cancellation. If the cancellation is within the guidelines, a cancellation number will be given to insure a cancellation charge is not taken. If an email address is provided, a cancellation letter will sent to confirm.
  • For early checkout, you are responsible for the entire reservation and will be charged as such if the remainder of the reservation can not be rebooked. If unsure of the policy, contact the innkeeper for clarification.
  • Please note a multiple room reservation is added together for the total of "reserved nights". For example, two rooms reserved for four nights would be 8 reserved nights. For this example, the 8 reserved nights cancellation period is 14 days.
Reserved Nights Cancellation prior to arrival Payment
1 48 hours Arrival
2-6 7 days Arrival
7 14 days Arrival
Groups with 4 rooms or more 30 days 7 days prior to arrival
Groups with entire inn 30 days 14 days prior to arrival