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Riverdale Inn Historical Photo.jpg
The Row

In it's heyday, Riverside Avenue was lined with over 50 mansions leading into downtown and was known as THE ROW. Today, only 2 mansions remain, the Riverdale Inn being one of them. 


The mansion was built in 1901 by William Kelly, a wealthy turpentine baron of the time. His craftsmanship in design endures today in the solid heart of pine floors, wainscoting, crown moldings and the original painted shingle façade. 

The Waln family purchased the building in 2002, working tirelessly to restore the dilapidated building and transform it into the beautiful Inn that it is today. Two years later, in 2004, the doors opened and welcomed guests and neighbors alike to stay in the heart of Riverside in this curated boutique hotel. 

Today, husband-and-wife-team Eric and Mary-Mychael (with the help of their 5-year old daughter Penelope) operate the Inn on a daily basis and continue to pour their passion into their family's hard work and history. With a small staff who all love and appreciate the historical nature of the building and the business, the operation continues to thrive in the beautiful 5-points district of Jacksonville.

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